Meredith Marx has been a Baltimore based radio personality since 2000. She's been on stations in Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware and Florida. She became the resident traffic reporter for 100.7 The Bay, Baltimore's Classic Rock Station in 2004 and has been with them ever since.

Meredith has been hanging backstage though since 1979! Born into a family whose worked revolved around concerts,she hung with the best of the best and grew to see how life "on the road" truly was. Her vision for Backstage Pass developed in 2001 when she thought that it would be a cool idea to take the listeners backstage to get a feel for what happens behind the scenes. Never the right time, she tucked the idea away until it was able to come to light in 2017 and now it's happening! Hop on the tour bus as we take you BACKSTAGE!

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